How you can be in control of your personal brand and

Position Yourself
as Champion in Industry

At Base of Branding we are specialised in building reputation and brand image for professionals like you.

We all have a personal brand whether we think about it that way or not. A strong brand means that your skills and your message is identifiable. When you have something you are known for, it lessens the perceived competition. That’s huge!

A personal branding course is to help you build trust with your audience, and position you as an authority and a thought leader in your industry. The program lasts for a year, of which the first 3 to 4 months we work on developing your brand, strategy and media production, the rest of the program is to support you in achieving your goals, whether it is communication training, media management, networking techniques or something else entirely.

We do this in four steps:


Your Brand


Your Positioning Strategy


Your look
& media


Training &


How we define and map

Your Brand Authencity

To build a strong brand foundation, we start by taking inventory of the branding assets that you already possess. The intersection of these assets is where you should build your personal brand.

  • Your skills & credentials:
    What skills and experiences have you acquired throughout your life?
    What training, credentials, certifications, or awards have you received?
    These proficiencies can include critical thinking, manual, negotiation, outdoor, presentation, or technological. 

  • Your passions & interests:
    What industries and topics are you most interested in?
    What are you passionate about?

  • Core values & beliefs:
    What are some of your most important core values?
    What do you believe in?
    What do you stand for?
    What do you stand against?

Once we have identified your existing professional assets, the next step is to start piecing together the key elements of your personal brand.
These will help us guide your decisions as we build your personal brand:

  • What do you want to be known for?
    If you became known as the world’s go-to expert on XYZ topic, what would that be?

  • Why do you want to build a personal brand?
    What is your purpose?
    Who do you want to influence?
    What do you want to accomplish?

  • What is the key message you want to communicate?
    What message do you want to consistently reinforce in your content and in your marketing?
    If you could only give one piece of advice to your audience, what would it be?

We will help you to define your personality traits which are distinguishing qualities or characteristics that are the embodiment of “you”.  They are your habitual patterns of behaviour, temperament and emotion.

We will also look at your tone of voice and body language, how you articulate when talking, how you “walk the talk” and especially how you act when expressing important matters.

Many find this part particularly challenging, since the purpose is that we together outline a clear picture of your character traits without self-deception and wishful thinking in order to find your true core that will carry your brand in the future.

Next we will compare your personality traits to your skills, and define the strongest connectors, and use them as building blocks for your brand authenticity!

We will also look at how we can bridge the gaps (if any) with training or support. 

Finally we will create a blueprint all of your brand characteristics to use as building blocks for the next steps of the program.


How we lay out

Your Positioning Strategy

In reality, not everyone is your ideal client thus in order to attract your perfect clients, employer or media, you must be willing to repel those who you do not want to work with. This means identifying a specific target audience and building a brand that is attractive to them.
It may seem counter intuitive, but if you try to be liked by everyone, you will attract no one.

We help you to  polarise in order to stand out. Not everyone that is exposed to you or sees your message will like you or resonate with you, and that is perfectly fine. You don’t need to reach everyone to build a successful business. You just need to reach your perfect target audience.

We will create your perfect audience profile (we call it an audience avatar). The more you understand about your  audience, including their desires and challenges, the more prepared you will be to attract their attention and create products, services and/or information that they truly want and need.

The first step to creating an irresistible value is to position yourself as a specialist and not a generalist. We help you to make the perfect promise to your audience with a very specific outcome, and design a specialised offer to help them achieve that outcome.

We, find the overlap between what you love, what you do best and what your ideal audience want most. Then we create an offer that sits at the intersection of these criteria. We call this the “Irresistible Value Formula”

+ Your authenticity
+ Your positioning
+ Market demand
Irresistible Value


Once we have defined your irresistible value, you need to be able to articulate it clearly to your audience.
People need to know who you are and what you do in the most simple way possible. You should be able to brand yourself in one sentence answering three questions clearly and succinctly:

What do you do?
What is the value for money?

How do you do it?

To amplify prestige and enhance your reputation, thus reinforcing your public positioning, we help you to plan your interacts with society to position you stronger in industry building more awareness of your expertise and authenticity.

We draw up a road map and a calendar of actions aimed at generating visibility, social influence and reputation.


How we lay out

Your Look & Media

Your physical impression is vital for any first impression, whether it is negotiations and business dealings, on stage or for social events. It affects whether people like you, trust you and want to work with you, and like your communication style, your personal appearance must reflect your brand authenticity.

Your personal style must feel comfortable and natural to you, but also be appropriate for your industry as well as match your personal brand. We typically define  adaptable, flexible classics that send the right message for candidates with a more corporate minded audience. If you are targeting a more creative and “out-of-the-box” audience it will be a different outcome.

The main purpose of this step is to prepare your look ahead of time, and organise yourself to make brand consistency easy.
We help you define the most suitable colour and tone palette, silhouette of fashion and sometimes also hairstyle and accessories.

We design an eye-catching personal logo, monogram or word-mark reflecting your brand characteristics to add a professional touch that makes your website, social media, resume and stationery stand out.

Your image is your reputation and the first impression your audience will see. It need to be world-class. The more honest and genuine the connection in your videos and images, the better your audience will respond.

We take your brand message, your mission, your fashion style, brand colours and your unique characteristics and bring it all together in an epic photo and/ or video shoot that your audience will love.

Your images can go on everything from your business cards to your website. They can be curated into your social media and used in ads and banners.

We include a professional website as it is an important component of building your personal brand. Having a strong presence on social media is important too, but you do not own or control any of the social platforms that you establish a presence on. Your website is a platform that you own and control, and in many cases, visiting your website will be one of the steps your target audience takes towards becoming your client, partner or next employer.

Like photography, same rule applies to your personal website; First impressions are critical.

When your target audience visits your personal website, they should be able to immediately understand who you are and how you can help them. They should feel like they’ve come to the right place. If this doesn’t happen with a few seconds, most new visitors will leave your website.

We design, produce and implement your marketing collateral that is a vital and integral component of your marketing whether it is online or offline. It may vary from business cards, stationery and brochures to social media and newsletters.

Depending if your audience is consumer or corporate and what message you want to deliver, we define the most effective media to deliver that message and if it is important to create a seasonal mix of collateral.


How we secure

Your Brand's Sustainability

Final step in the branding process is the training to get you on board. It is highly important to us that your new brand, strategy and media will be well managed and maintained. Your success is our success!

When your media is online and everything is ready for you to take over, we offer various courses in media and marketing management. You are welcome to join the Base of Branding Academy and enrol the courses you need, or we can guide you by one-on-one sessions  tailored to your needs.

If you are busy and challenged on time, we can manage media and marketing for you. and/ or execute your marketing plan of actions.  This solution is very popular to our entrepreneurial and small business clients, as it can be challenging managing both business and marketing activities when sales increases as a result of the campaigns.

The rest of the program we follow up with you on all planned actions as they proceed to adjust where necessary. The brand strategy is the road map to your destination, and the monthly follow-up meetings are where we define if you are on the right route or if you have arrived at your destination.